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The time in which we now live is wonderful: we are free people in our choice.

Before us is opened a limitless world of possibilities, it is enough to have reliable information and use it.

Information is our friend and our enemy: it is so much that it is not difficult to get confused.

This is especially true for health. Only on nutrition, the Internet is littered with “life hacks” that, how much, you need and do not need to eat and drink. It is possible – it is impossible. Keto and paleo, hunger and cheat mills, gluten free and lactose free … – the doctors are shocked, not to mention ordinary people.

There are so many “experts” and “nutritionists” without a medical education that almost every second is expert 🙂

Meanwhile, events are taking place in the world that move humanity in the direction of not only extending life, but also its quality.

This is a new area of medicine – anti-aging medicine, that is as personalized as possible, aimed at neutralizing harmful factors, in particular, a genetic predisposition to certain diseases, correcting lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, deficiency of vitamins, minerals, biologically active substances, improving the quality of life (physical, psycho-emotional, sexual, etc.)

This was discussed at the last Anti-Aging World Congress in Las Vegas.

Each speaker is a bright personality with serious scientific or organizational achievements, each report has a lot of information and a guide to daily practice.

Of great importance for quality and life expectancy, and I often wrote about this, is our microbiome – the totality of microorganisms that inhabit our intestines. They are, more precisely, the result of their life and their impact on the activity of our genes, metabolism – this is our physical form, brain function, susceptibility to diseases and life expectancy.

Mankind has clearly turned the wrong way: 80% of food in supermarkets is not only chewing and swallowing garbage, but also a universal threat to its own survival, ecology, the surrounding flora and fauna.

It turns out a vicious circle: first an unhealthy lifestyle, then dependence on “farm”, that is, on drugs.

“I recognize that the current medical system is not corny to people who really suffer.

Now people with chronic diseases are perceived as lifelong subscribers (that is, lifelong users of drugs).

Instead of helping people who need help, they are made victims and prescribed drugs (actually drugs) that simply suppress the symptoms and make them addicted to these drugs all their lives.

And that should be stopped.

I want to see that our generation is not only able to prevent chronic diseases, but also to neutralize and return them in a different direction. My goal in life is to overcome suffering. “

These are the words of Naveen Jain, the founder of many high-tech startups, in particular, InfoSpace, Intelius, Moon Express and many others. One of the startups is the study of the human microbiome.

In live communication, Naveen Jane is a very cheerful, emotional and very sociable person.

In the courtyard is the XXI century. People eat whatever they want, but pay with their health.

Every day they want to confuse us.

Scientists say: sugar is bad, it causes damage to body proteins, the development of systemic inflammation, a bunch of irreversible diseases, but at the level of official medicine in many countries of the world it is allowed to consume up to 50 grams of pure sugar per day.

Scientists say: you can’t often eat, because sooner or later it will lead to metabolic disorders, exhaustion of the pancreas, insulin resistance and diabetes, and shortened life, but at the level of official medicine we are advised to eat up to 5 times a day.

Every day I meet patients who are on medication without the slightest preliminary attempt to change their lifestyle, without the simplest recommendations for physical activity and nutrition. Even the “less fried, fatty, and sweet” tips don’t always sound from the mouth of a doctor.

Yes, there are a lot of progressive ones, they clearly say: first you will lose weight, start moving, more vegetables, and only then we will think whether to ascribe medicines to you. But there are still few.

Therefore, do not let bright packaging on the shelves dazzle you, the food of life – as a rule, without plastic packaging. When choosing, use the rule: “Do not eat anything that your grandmother could not identify as food.”

And move on. If there is no time for the gym – go, run up the stairs in your staircase, push up from the windowsill, for exercises you need only a half and a half meters of space and a great desire.

This is not biohacking, this is the least, but basic, that you can do to save your life.

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